Request for a Singapore Realtor

Engage a Professional Realtor

A professional property agent in Singapore will assist you and protect your interest throughout the purchase, secure the offer for you at the best possible price. With a much better knowledge of Singapore, the agent will be in a better position to recommend and advice on the choice of property. He will also ensure that all documents are in order and you are dealing with the rightful owner of the property. There is NO FEE for buyers and tenants (lease above S$2500/mth) using the service of a realtor to find properties.

Use only 1 Real Estate Agent

Most property companies share the same database of property listings in Singapore. Therefore use only ONE agent at a time. If you approach many agents at the same time, very likely that they will show you the same property. Much confusion and embarrassment will arise if you engage many agents. Using 1 agent, you will save valuable time for yourself and the agent. He will then understand your needs and requirements better after a few viewings. Only if they are incompetence, unresponsive or not showing the correct property you wanted, then start to look for another agent.

Singapore Dream Home Team has seen thousands of properties in Singapore throughout the years. Therefore, you can trust on us to provide tenants or buyers the correct recommendations. We have the largest property database in Singapore, it would be totally unnecessary for tenants and buyers to go through other realtors except us to avoid repetitive viewings of the same property.