Hillcrest Arcadia – Transportation

The Walk-Thru

Let’s take a walk & see how easy it is to get to Shops, School, and Main road from this condo:




Yes only 12-15mins to main road, depending on your pace!

And, if you don’t feel like walking…

you be happy to know Hillcrest Arcadia provides FREE SHUTTLE-BUS SERVICE to/from main road Adam Road where you can get taxi and public buses (SBS/SMRT) like
No. 74, 93, 157, 165, 852, 855, etc.
Click here for BUS details.

And, you still lazy to wait for public buses, you would be thrilled to know Hillcrest Arcadia provide Shuttle Bus DIRECTLY to/from NEWTON MRT, yes!

For Cabs, here a tip! When taking taxi, instead of coming in via Arcadia Rd, you can ask the cabby to drop you at No. 181 Hillcrest Road, then walk in via the backgate. That will save you money and time too.

And finally, if nothing above works for you, what you really need is a door-to-door transportation, then GET A CAR!

You see, Hillcrest Arcadia is about $300k-$500k cheaper than a comparable-sized condo nearby, which means you can now afford to buy a CAR with the money saved. You might even be able to buy 2 cars and hire a private Chauffeur. :) .


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- Updated 8th Nov 2010 -